Snappy Spanish

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The Snappy Spanish app is great for listening, reading and vocabulary. To learn Spanish the fastest way possible, it’s best to incorporate a few learning resources to compliment and reinforce your learning.

Have a look at the following resources and see which ones you think will aid in your learning journey.
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Online Lessons

The one resource we most recommend are online lessons.

Not only are they cheap and convenient, it means you will practice your speaking, the skill many people find hardest.

Online Courses

If you’re after a step-by-step online course have a look at these two options. Online courses are gaining popularity and are a good option if you want to study from anywhere in the world without needing to carry a textbook.

Conversation Exchange!

A free way to practice is by doing a conversation exchange. You have the option of meeting face-to-face with people in your area, a conversation via Skype, or by email.

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