Beginner Spanish
Short Stories

Learn Spanish with Short Stories

Our beginner Spanish short stories are designed to be simple and are made for people who are new to learning Spanish.

All it takes is 5 minutes to practice your listening and reading, improve your comprehension and grow your vocabulary.

Select from one of the beginner stories below 

An older couple celebrating with a bottle of champagne

**Nueva** El Sentimiento De Ganar – **New** The Feeling Of Winning

An older lady being pushed in a wheelchair

**Nueva** La Fuga – **New** The Getaway

Beginner Spanish Short Story image of a woman being chased by dogs

¡Fuera! – Shoo!

Woman screaming while doing a tandem skydive

Cayendo Hacia La Tierra – Falling Towards Earth

Teenager carrying books with a shocked look on his face

No Puede Ser Posible – It Can’t Be Possible

A man looking happy while driving his car

Cima Del Mundo – Top Of The World

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Beginner Spanish Short Stories

For people who are new to learning Spanish.

The grammar focuses on learning the verbs in their present tense which helps to keep things simple and easy to understand. We have also incorporated both future verbs tenses to keep things interesting (eg, voy a comer, comeré).

Sentence Structure
The sentences in the beginner stories are short to allow for easier comprehension. The recordings are read at a slow speed so each word can be heard, along with a clear understanding of how the word should be pronounced.

The vocabulary flashcards found in the app focus on core words along with common phrases to help build your vocabulary. All of the stories are very short to help with comprehension and ease of learning.

Helpful Phrases
As a beginner student you will find the stories helpful when speaking as you’ll be able to use the phrases from the story in real life conversations.

By reading the stories regularly you will find that certain phrases are recalled and flow naturally when you speak. When it happens you feel a sense of achievement and sometimes also a sense of wonder of “where did that come from” as it flowed so smoothly.

Make Learning Fun
Learning Spanish can be a road of ups and downs, and when you’re first learning it can seem frustrating and that you are only making slow progress. The best way to learn is to find a way that is fun for you.

It’s great to study for an hour everyday, but the best option is to keep it sustainable. You will quickly burnout if you find it boring to learn Spanish so work out what is manageable for you.

Maybe you like to study while on your way to work or maybe while having lunch. It doesn’t matter when, just find a time that suits you.

We’ve created these stories so it only takes 5 mins a day to learn Spanish. If you would like to learn faster then we suggest the following routine which takes 10-15 minutes:
1. Listen to the story
2. Read the story
3. Read and listen to the story at the same time
4. Review the flashcards (found in the app)

The main thing to remember, keep it interesting so you find learning Spanish fun.

Stop Speaking English
If you’re learning Spanish while in a Spanish speaking country then the best thing you can do is to not speak English all the time (or your native language).

How do you meet locals to practice with? In most major cities there are Spanish/English meet up groups, is a great way to meet locals and practice your Spanish.

Paso a Paso
Enjoy the stories y muy pronto tu también puedes entender y hablar español!


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